Pachauri Guruji

Suffering from mundane problems that seem to overshadow your dream of happy living? Have tried every possible solution yet there is no respite? You can thank your lucky stars now because we bring before you the solution to all your problems. Whether you believe it or not, the movement of stars and planets affect us in ways more than one and it takes more than a layman to discover the aftermaths of the planetary movements. Pachauri Guruji is a trusted name in the field of astro-sciences. He has been providing reliable and satisfying solutions to his clients from all over the country for over thirty five years now. He has related astrology with science on how the position of degree of planet has influence in someone’s life.

About Pachauri Guruji

Pachauri Guruji is a renowned and the most famous Indian astrologer who is consulted by people all across the globe. He has 35+ years of experience behind him, and his client includes famous personalities, career makers and many others from different walks of life. Pachauri Guruji extraordinary astrology knowledge has been rewarded with a National recognition. He has used his inherent talent and knowledge to relieve many people to get them out of stressful situations and lead successful.


Pachauri Guruji expertise in astrology has culminated into his conducting extensive research on Vedic Astrology, Vaastu Shastra and Gemology. He is regarded among the Top Astrologer In the world as he brings his astrological knowledge, learnings and passion together to head on address the client’s life issue and prospects.

Pachauri Guruji was born in a Brahmin Family and was raised with the ancient teachings of Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Vishal Krishna

Vedic Astrologer

  • Initiated (Vedic Astrology), disciple of Shri Pachauri Guruji since 2006.

  • Student of Vedic Astrology since 2007.

  • An authority in all the main branches of Vedic Astrology: Ganita (mathematical calculations), Jataka (Natal), Prashna, Muhurta and Nimitta.