कस्तूरीतिलकं ललाटपटले वक्ष:स्थले कौस्तुभं
नासाग्रे वरमौत्तिकं करतले वेणुं करे कंकणम ।
सर्वाड़्गे हरिचन्दनं सुललितं कण्ठे च मुक्तावलि –
र्गोपस्रीपरिवेष्टितो विजयते गोपालचूडामणि: ।।

फुल्लेन्दीवरकान्तिमिन्दुवदनं बर्हावतंसप्रियं
श्रीवत्साड़्कमुदारकौस्तुभधरं पीताम्बरं सुन्दरम ।
गोपीनां नयनोत्पलार्चिततनुं गोगोपसंघावृतं
गोविन्दं कलवेणुवादनपरं दिव्याड़्गभूषं भजे ।।

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Provide birth details and book appointment to consult over phone. The required can have the direct consultation with Astrologer PACHAURI GURUJI over phone with direct interaction of the problem. Are you suffering from any extremely personal hardships? Is there any health conditions that you are suffering for years, those that the doctors have lost hope over? Let it be any of your real life problems. Trust that nothing’s constant in this world. What if your hardships were due to the position of the planets in your birth chart, and what if you can change the magnitude of its harsh effects on your life?


Fate is written in heaven, they say. But is there a way to alter the bad that may have dawned upon you? Or change how everything is moving? Yes, there is! With the services of PACHAURI GURUJI, you can get help easily.


Govardhan Hill is considered a sacred site because it is the setting for many legends relating to the life of Lord Krishna, the deity believed to be embodied in the earth of the hill. Krishna and his brother Balaram are said to have spent many happy hours roaming among its shady groves, pools, caves and lush cow-pastures. An Eden-like sanctuary, the area’s waterfalls, garden-grove (van), arbour (nikunj), water tank (kund), and flora are depicted in scenes of Krishna’s adventures and raas with Radha.


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Matches are made in heaven. One that’s successful, is an institution indeed. Partners need to be chosen wisely, after careful consideration. Marrying in haste will only leave you with repentance in leisure. Kundli Milan helps in forecasting major problems that may dawn upon the couple. Get Kundli Milan Analysis From Best Astrologer In India.

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As per Indian (Hindu) Shastras the Yantras written on “Bhoj Patra” are the best yantra to accomplish the task of that particular yantra. Bhojpatra is processed from the layers of the tree named Bhoj, which is in use since the ancient times.

PACHAURI GURUJI has come over with a deep study of these yantras written & energized on bhoj patra. As of now, we have worked on 1000 different yantras on bhojpatra and have discovered unimaginable results of these yantras on Bhoj patra.


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